Food allergies are often more than an awkward situation. It is not a medical assistance or an emergency, but more like asking a favor or a special treatment! If you are someone who suffer from food allergies or parent to a child with food allergies, you can resonate with it well.

How many times have you got eye rolls or stares from people when you keep asking questions about the food ingredients while eating out in a group? But, know that you’re not alone.

Here is a scene from the movie Hitch that shows the importance of food allergy and why it is more than an awkward situation.

And here is another example of food allergy reaction and how serious it could get.

Awkward food allergy scenes are not just seen in Hollywood movies. Here are some real stories of individuals who live with food allergies.

David, a resident of California, has food allergies and has recently started his new job. He loves to eat, but still he cannot afford to eat at the team dinner. What if those weird reactions come back, he knows he cannot afford to lose control of his body amidst an important team dinner.

Here is the story of Julia who is about to meet her first date and she doesn’t know how to bring up the topic of her food allergies to her new date. What if her boy friend has eaten some of the food that she is allergic to? How much time do they need to wait before kissing each other?

And that’s not all. Amy, a parent based out of New York, says her son wants to go to the school camp for a week. But Amy is a worried mom and is not sure how to keep a tab on her son’s food for a week! What if his allergies get back? How will she let the teachers know what needs to be done! Amy is upset.

Here is a story of another suffer who recently visited India on a business trip. He wanted to taste some authentic spicy Indian street food. Since he was not aware of the ingredients, he ended up eating a dish that had an ingredient he was allergic to. Imagine, what he had to go through – being new to a country and developing food allergy!

Have you ever thought that all these awkward situations could be avoided if you had a system in place which could actually work as your personal food journal? Yes, a simple food journal or a food diary that can keep a track of what you are eating and what is evoking your allergic symptoms. If you can keep a record of it for say, two weeks and you share this data with your doctor, then you can identify all the food items (and drinks too) that you are allergic too. Which means, you know which food to avoid and how to plan your meals.