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We have created a platform to record all your meals, symptoms and allergic reactions in a very simple way. Keep an orderly diary of your allergic reactions. In addition, you can help others by registering products and their content. Download our app in stores.

App functionalities

Easy to use

We want to provide a unique and simple experience, which is very easy for the user to register, consult and help.

Keep track of every meal

Keep an unlimited record of your meals, a history that lets you know from your experience or that of other allergic reactions that may occur.

Set reminders

Allergy Finder will send you a reminder a few hours after registering your last meal to enter the most common reactions. This in turn will help others when their meals include the same ingredients.

Get a full profile

With the registration of your meals, symptoms and reactions you will have a complete profile to take care of your life. You will be in control of what you should and should not eat with more accurate information.

Great Design

We are improving the user experience all the time so that such an important topic is easy to manage, we expect feedback from your experience to continue improving.

Awesome Features

We add the basic functionalities but we will continue adding new and impressive functionalities, we know that our work and your collaboration can save lives.

Powerfull Options

Our functionalities provide a great source of information and allow the analysis of data based on your interaction. Making our platform a powerful help to reach many people.

Great Support

We support you on the use and functionality of the system, we want it to be easy to use and allow you to gather information, look for our support and documentation system or write us an email if you have questions.

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We take the best articles from the network and the best known authors and publish them on our blog, available from our website and from the App.

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Hello school, hello again allergies?

Hello school, hello again allergies?

It is time to go back to school, and while it may feel good that children will be back in schools, learning life skills and having fun with their friends, families with children who have allergies are understandably feeling anxious about it. The paranoia is valid,...

Has Your Allergy Put You in an Awkward Situation?

Has Your Allergy Put You in an Awkward Situation?

Food allergies are often more than an awkward situation. It is not a medical assistance or an emergency, but more like asking a favor or a special treatment! If you are someone who suffer from food allergies or parent to a child with food allergies, you can resonate...

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How it Works?

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Register every meal in your private journal

Step 3

Scan products and help other identify allergies

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Awesome! During the testing of this awesome app I was able to control my meals and be careful with any ingredient that could produce an allergic reaction.
Andres Garcia

Allergic to Sea Food